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Buy brand new Atlas Gunworks pistols online. Welcome to the Atlas Gunworks collection of purpose built, high performance pistols and parts. Whether you are a world class competitor or just want the coolest pistol at the range, we are proud to offer a handgun model to suit you. We encourage you to explore the complete selection of Atlas Gunworks Handguns and find the perfect combination of function and performance. Shop Atlas Gunworks firearms like the Atlas Erebus, Atlas Athena, Atlas Artemis and many more.

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Introducing the Atlas Gunworks Athena™ Perfect Zero™ Pistol

The addition of the RDS system and options for competition or duty disciplines make the Athena the single most flexible, purpose built, 9mm hi-cap available today. 

 The v2 Athena includes the new modular Atlas Alpha Grip.

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Atlas Gunworks was created as a response to a need for superlative competition guns, delivered in a timely manner and with outstanding customer service. Acquiring performance pistols in the early 2000s was plagued by 12-24 month wait times and a palpable lack of communication. It was in response to this unpalatable environment that longtime friends Adam Nilson (USPSA Shooter) and Tod West (Master Machinist) began asking questions that would ultimately lead the pair to an unavoidable answer – If they were going to solve this, they were going to have to do it themselves.

Over the next several years 2 things happened that allowed Adam and Tod’s early vision to become Atlas Gunworks. First, a patent expired that allowed for new innovations in the marketplace. Second, Al Zitta! Allan Zitta is an IPSC World Champion, 30 year veteran 1911 gunsmith and at the time fortuitously living in Vermont. The style of pistol Al built, his high standards and his willingness to teach Adam and Tod was the quantum leap needed to take the young upstart from run of the mill(literally) to Atlas Gunworks.

Armed with a great product and relentless ambition it was time to build a sustainable business. In the early days the pair had to wear many hats. Primarily, Adam got to work on refining and delivering processes that would drastically reduce lead times and allow space for excellent customer service. Tod’s efforts were poured into creating systems that would maintain the highest standards in the industry for his innovative and shooter driven designs. The combination of Adam’s business background and Tod’s machining background allowed the pair to do exactly what they set out to do. Disrupt the industry by delivering remarkable guns, shortening lead times and taking care of the shooters. 

Born from dissatisfaction, guided by high standards and executed with focused efforts Atlas Gunworks is now enjoying unprecedented growth and success. Today, Atlas Gunworks proudly employs the best gunsmiths, machinists and customer service specialists in America from their home in Northern Vermont. Every Atlas Gunworks Pistol is, and will always be, engineered with function as the driving force and with performance as the critical metric. 

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